People, when you see these words, the place you are about to go into, very likely doesn’t have licensed massage therapists on staff. How do I know this? Because if they did, they would be using the legal term. They can’t, so it’s not on their signage. Why should you care? Many reasons, LMTs (licensed massage therapists) study pathology, medical massage protocols and practise Universal Precautions to protect you against disease transmission. We are taught what not to touch (endangerment sites, varicosities etc.) and when it’s best to refer you to a medical specialist. We spend money on schooling, licensing and registration, and earning CECs (Continuing Education Credits) that add to our education and keep us current with new developments, treatment protocols and discoveries in our field. This is for you, your needs and your safety, to help us treat you better and specialize in what you may specifically need. Their are other reasons that it might be medically safer to visit a licensed massage practitioner, such as there is nothing questionable going on in addition to “backrubs”. How do I know this? Most of us who have spent that much time and money on education, exams and licensure wouldn’t want to do anything legally questionable. So the next time you are tempted to visit a “backrub” place, take a moment to consider what is truly in your best interest. Maybe my next blog entry will be to clarify the professional boundaries that “nail technicians” are supposed to be adhering to when you go get a “backrub” in your local nail salon.