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Yep, this is one of the things I do all the time when I’m not actually massaging people or making fragrant products, postural analysis.

Deviations from the plumb line and asymmetries are just some of the things I see when a client walks in that inform what I’m going to do in a Massage Therapy session. Note the forward head position, sunken and shortened chest, internally rotated shoulders/arms, the tightness and shortness in his left thumb, the hyperextension at the knee and extreme external rotation of the legs feeding into the rolling inward on the arches and the general downward direction of the weight of the body parts which are loading and leaning on joints (we shouldn’t be resting on our joints, we should be “loosely packed”).

When I work with people, I work toward correcting these types of patterns using all the modalities, literally at my fingertips.

My BA in Dance at NYU where I minored in the Comparison of Traditional and Non-Traditional Injury Rehabilitation, combined with an extensive background in Movement Education, athletics, class instruction and personal training, combined with my
massage therapy education give me an ideal perspective with vision to see what you need and support your journey toward your highest functioning, freest, liveliest self. It’s what I love to do and I invite you to reach out to me to start the journey together.