What to Expect

You can expect a professional licensed massage therapist to take care of you according to state law, best practices and your personal comfort.

Your LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) will review your Intake forms with you, and help you fill them out if you haven’t completed them. Your LMT may ask questions for clarification so she/he can treat you better and may give you some take home exercise, stretches, suggestions and/or recommendations before or after your massage therapy session.

Please expect to be given privacy to undress and get comfortably covered on the massage table before your LMT re-enters the massage space. Florida and New York State law requires your LMT to leave the room while you are undressing and re-dressing. Your LMT will knock before re-entering.

Also in accordance with state law, you will be fully draped during your session, except for the body part(s) being worked on which will be professionally un-draped and re-draped immediately after the body part(s) has/have been worked on.

Please expect, after your session has concluded, to be given a moment to absorb, to be asked to indulge yourself in some sort of wake up stretch or lower back stretch and/or to be slowly transitioned back to standing.

Please expect that, in accordance with state law, you will be given privacy to re-dress at the end of your session and that your LMT will knock before re-entering the room.

Please expect to leave a few moments to have some water and use the bathroom at the close of your session.

Please expect to leave a few moments to share your feedback of how the massage may have affected you or how you are feeling from the massage.

Please expect to reschedule your next appointment before you leave (clients who don’t reschedule before they leave tend to get caught up in the distractions and responsibilities of daily life and neglect to reschedule, while those who do appreciate the perk, keep massage therapy going as a regular part of their wellness plan, feel better taken care of and enjoy having something to look forward to).

Please expect  that you may pre-book an appointment for the following week or as far ahead as 1 month. If you purchase a series of more than one session, then you are entitled to book all of your appointments ahead of time!

Please expect that if you cannot know your schedule in advance, you may ask to be put on a weekly, biweekly, every three weeks or monthly appointment contact list and your LMT will offer you appointments by text or email.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read What to Expect!

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PLEASE NOTE: Massage therapy, exercise and aromatherapy are not intended as a replacement for appropriate medical attention and care.