Thank you so much to my wonderful clients who have granted me permission to post their testimonials below. I am full of gratitude for the opportunity to work with you and am fully aware that my business grows mostly by your word of mouth, your advocacy and your direct referrals. I greatly appreciate that you continue to spread word of me!

Please email any testimonials and recommendation letters to Sherrin Bernstein, LMT, CA at sherrin@touchfitness.com along with your name, title, website, city and state and any anonymity preferences.


“How lucky I am to have had Sherrin be my massage therapist for the last couple of years. She has been my go-to massage person for specific physical issues as well as for just good old mushy massage deliciousness.”
Linda Emond, Actor, New York City 9/15/2018

“Sherrin has been my massage therapist since 2011. I’ve used various massage therapists over the years but no one is more skilled than Sherrin. She excels at both “regular maintenance” and also at dealing with acute issues. Depending on the session, Sherrin will use a variety of massage techniques – but will always combine the massage with stretching movements. The combination of the massage and the stretching has helped me immeasurably. I try to play sports or work out 6 days a week, and I think Sherrin has been a huge part of my being able to avoid injuries over the years (knock wood). In addition to her top notch skill set, Sherrin is extremely reliable, trustworthy and a pleasure to be with. You will not be disappointed.”
Brad J. Finkelstein, Partner Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP, New York City 1/31/18

“I have been a happy client of Sherrin Bernstein of Touch Fitness for over 20 years. Sherrin has invariably been knowledgeable, helpful and professional. She is sensitive to each persons particular muscular issues and needs. I find that she keeps up to date on new areas of health and fitness including massage, exercise and nutrition. In addition, Sherrin has always been accommodating with regard to scheduling and for those who live or work in mid-Manhattan, her location is both very convenient and a time saver.”
Larry Leighton, Senior Advisor, Bentley Associates, New York City 1/5/2018

“Sherrin Bernstein is the best Massage Therapist I’ve ever known. She makes me feel so much stronger after each visit & if I have aches in any particular area, she truly helps me. She’s incredibly aware & knowledgeable about the human body and know how to ease any pains. She is the very best.”
Cynthia Bowers, AAA, USPAP, Bowers Appraisal Services, Ltd., New York City 12/20/2017

“Sherrin is amazing!  Her sessions vary depending on what your body needs, but may consist of various massage techniques, stretching and breathing practices. Her instructions are always super clear to help you get the most out of the stretch/massage. Yours tight muscles get pulverized into submission and you walk out rested and relaxed.”
Adam Lamb, D.C., New York City 8/25/2017

“Sherrin knows the body like I know the guitar and I have been playing for almost 60 years and have the back pains to prove it. She has saved me so many times over the years by knowing exactly how to address both the pain and the source of the pain. She is simply the best!”
Jon Geist, New York City 6/22/2016

“Sherrin –
You are a magician – truly! I feel so much better – and have to say unequivocally
that you are the BEST masseuse I’ve ever encountered!
Thank you, thank you”
Candace J., New York City 9/22/2013

“I have been seeing Sherrin for several months and to put it in the most simplistic terms, Sherrin is my AAA. I call her to repair me after I’ve broken down!! Or, here’s another way of saying it, Sherrin is a AAA bond rating for all of you finance people out there. If you are in need of healing, not just a massage but real healing, you make an appointment with Sherrin. I ran a road race for a Cancer Charity and after three days of stiffness and still being sore Sherrin knocked it out in one session. That, my friends, is healing. I can assure you after twenty years of getting massages in every corner of the world I know what I’m talking about. Thank you Sherrin, you got the gift. I am so fortunate to have been referred to you!!!”
G. Lerner, New York City 9/18/2012

“I have Just been Sherrinized! In case you’re wondering what that means, simply the best most thorough and deeply rejuvenating massage you can get! Hands down!”
Jon G, New York City 8/3/2012

“Thank you so much for the massage …it was truly exceptional. Maybe because you are good and I was relaxed. Who says you have to be tense to get a massage? Get one while you are happy too.
Sherrin, I highly recommend you over and over again.”
Francesca M., New York City 3/19/2012

“In my view, in healing arts, the personality of the practitioner outweighs the technique or modality… technique and modalities can be learnt, while personality traits are either natural gifts or a result of long and hard work on the self… Sherrin’s place was filled with vibes of joy, warmth, lightness and fun… and that was the personality part. Her massage oils are custom mixed with fragrant essential oils that are individually matched with the client. We started the session with checking a selection of these oils to find a scent that resonated with me the most… the idea behind it is that such fragrant oil would create a bigger openness, and a higher level of release and acceptance of the message work. Sherrin is extremely sensitive to the scents, and to people’s reaction to them, which helped getting quickly through the selection phase. Both the massage and the fragrant oil worked beyond my expectations… my frequent bursts of laughs indicated releases of stuck energy… The session proceeded with lots of tender loving care, such that I haven’t experienced in a very long time. To sum it all up – it was a great message, very unique experience… highly recommended.”
Yossi Cohen, Energy Healer, New York City 1/1/2011

“Sherrin is a consummate professional and a damn fine massage therapist. She is always seeking new ways to improve her skills and better her technique so her massages are first class. She lets you choose from a selection of custom blended massage oils so you can match your massage to your mood. And she can even accommodate regular customers with their own music playlist. She’s the best!”
Kira Charles, Feldenkrais Practitioner, New York City 10/2/2010

“Best summer Monday in awhile…no soreness whatsoever.”
Signed Weekend Warrior, New York City 8/9/2010

“Sherrin! It was great to see you too. I felt so refreshed after that massage. My body feels whole again, connected, and in tune with myself and the world. And I feel 2 feet taller. I used the Ritual spray this morning. I wont tell you what I visualized, but I can tell you breathing in the oils was like a blood transfusion. Thanks you for your friendship and support, and thank you for making me feel whole. And feel free to post this on your website! Much love. Vern”
Vern Thiessen, Playwright, New York City 8/7/2010

“Best massage in NY. Once again thanks for the best massage in NY – also the best fingers that really work. Thanks again.”
Nick Davey, New York City 1/27/10

“Thnx Sherrin. Just to let you know; I feel great. Just wonderful. I have my body back again. Thank you, Thank you Thank you. With emphasis!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you, Mom”
Judith Bernstein, New York City 1/16/2010

“One of the things Sherrin has given me is not just immediate relief from stress, but a new body image – she’s helped me identify holding patterns that have contributed to repeated injury (my neck), and helped me loosen up and improve my posture. One of the problems for non-athletes like me, is we don’t really understand how to hold or use our bodies. Working with a trained massage therapist regularly helps her get to know my challenges and helps me see real improvement. So I’ve had less chronic pain and gained back some sensation because I’m not ‘undoing’ the massage the minute I walk out the door. Informative Bodywork has also increased my awareness of physical stress – it’s amazing how tensely I hold my body – and without the massage I wouldn’t have the awareness to realize it and correct it.”
Angela Cason, President/CEO, Tempo Strategic, New York City 1/15/2010

“I first knew Sherrin when I was taking care of my mother and had injured both shoulders in pushing her wheel chair up and down the neighborhood hills. I had been to all kinds of MDs and alternative doctors and nothing was helping. I had lost all upward range of motion in my arms and was in so much pain I couldn’t sleep.Sherrin used gentle massage and imaging to get me to relax from the pain and slowly, slowly over a period of two years my range of motion came back and the pain lessened. (I also slept on an electric moist heating pad during this time and had occasional chiropratic treatments.) Sherrin is terrifically in tune with her clients. She is always informed, patient, generous and obviously loves her work. I hope she one day has the opportunity to train other therapists in her philosophy.”
JoAn Paganetti, New York City 1/6/2010

“I trust you.”
Maddy Heintz, New York City 12/30/2009

Sherrin’s intelligence is the difference between a ‘backrub’ and Informative Bodywork. She helps me understand how my body is supposed to work. I get immediate relief from the touch therapy and I also get an understanding of how to move in a healthy, structurally sensible way, so I don’t re-injure myself the minute I get up off the table. Touchfitness has helped me recover from a herniated disc without surgery or shots, and helped me ‘even out’ after a broken knee. For a serious athlete, anyone with chronic pain or an injury, you owe it to yourself to work with Touchfitness.
Angela Cason, Tempo Strategic, New York City 5/14/2009

I keep Attract Essentials, Ritual 1, Intention-Based Aromatherapy in the bathroom with my toiletries. When I am doing my morning routine of cleansing my body and preparing for the day. I give myself a spritz of Ritual 1 and say my personal affirmation to focus my mental energy. During the day when I run in to use the bathroom I spritz again b/c it reinforces my intention to achieve my goals.
Joan Pagano, Joan Pagano Fitness Group, Owner, Author, New York City 5/13/2009

The best hands in New York. I’ve been to many massage therapists you see, and they are either ineffective or they overdo it trying to prove something. I get what I come for, I always feel better, from that very first day I came…
Nick Davey, New York City 2/25/2009

Like taking a walk in the forest.
Tara, New York City 1/13/2009

Thank you for the extra work you did on my left shoulder last Friday. It REALLY has made a difference. I thought I’d just had to live with it or it would just go away in it’s own sweet time but…
your excellent gift and knowledge on how the body works really made noticeable difference.
Thanks much. DEC, New York City 11/11/2008

That was by far the best massage I’ve ever had and I really like the integration of breathing with massage, it just makes sense.
Angela Hiatt, Prevention.com. New York City 10/18/2008

If you’re a serious athlete, come to Sherrin.
David S. New York City 10/14/2008

Your massage was perfect the other day. Exactly what I needed. Would like to see you again…
Marcia W. New York City 10/9/2008

“It’s always worth it in the end!” C.M. New York City 9/28/2008

“I feel very spoiled and attended to.” F.F., New York City (prenatal massage recipient) 9/27/2008

“SB has me B & S-ing….Sherrin Bernstein has me BREATHING AND SOFTENING. And I mean it. I am 1000% more at peace and in love w/ my body. THANK YOU!” A.C., New York City 9/15/2008

“Write whatever you want, I think you’re massages are great. My body feels looser and my golf has improved.” L.W., New York City 8/13/2008

“Thank you for one of the better massages I have had in my life. The verbal guidance you provided during the course of the massage was very helpful to my ability to let my muscles relax.”
M.W., New York City 7/31/2008

“I always need you… I love your ways; your energy.”
D.C., New York City 7/8/2008

“Sherrin is a highly knowledgable massage therapist who is very perceptive about what your body really needs. She is compassionate, fun loving and enthusiastic about her work. She has created a collection of aromatherapy oils that is just divine!”
Marise Hamm, New York City 2/25/2008

“Sherrin is an amazingly intuitive and knowledgeable massage therapist that I would recommend to anyone.”
Adam Lamb, D.C., New York City 12/25/2007

“the massage was wonderful!”
M.A.C., New York City 11/5/2007

“I felt great after the massage!”
T.C., New York City 10/8/2007

“My muscles love you!”
J.C., Miami, FL 3/26/2007

“Sherrin is an extremely knowledgeable health and wellness professional. She is passionate about the field and providing you with easy to understand information. On top of her indepth knowledge, she gives massages that are out of this world! My body felt restored after our last appointment. I’ve recommended her to tons of people.”
Debbie Russ, Miami, FL 2/2/2007