What is Massage Therapy?

Massage Therapy is officially defined by the New York State Office of Professions as “…applying a scientific system of activity to the muscular structure of the human body by means of stroking, kneading, tapping and vibrating with the hands or vibrators for the purpose of improving muscle tone and circulation.”

I believe that massage therapy is much more than this clinical definition affords. I add that massage therapy is, as the term suggests, therapeutic, but it is also one of the most basic, essential, expressive and sacred art forms of humanity. It is inherently therapeutic as in; do no harm, kindly-intentioned, informed, and safe physical contact. But, it is also a sacred practice of human contact in that it is inherently; bonding, community building, often poignantly supportive and conceptually meaningful to people, as well as being; nurturing, healing, and beneficial to both the massage therapist and the massage recipient on a level that is difficult to explain in clinical terms.

It is best explained, I believe, as an intuitive art, as in some people simply have great hands and can literally spread the love and communicate states of being and levels of physical functionality through their hands. This is always where I am coming from and this is the underlying philosophy behind Touch Fitness, Informative Bodywork®. I’ve gotten people who’ve let me know that they learned so much from their sessions with me and that’s what they love about me, as well I’ve gotten people who look like they are floating off the table afterwards. I am often asked whether I still dance. And I say ‘yes, I dance with you’! That’s because I feel that every massage is a duet I dance with the human being on the table and the best massages I have given have always felt like I was dancing or doing ‘sticky hands’ from Thai Chi (which would be like contact improvisation in dance language). I’ve even gotten people starting to rock themselves in time to my work! The name Touch Fitness, Informative Bodywork® allows for all of this and expresses in name, the meeting of the sacred art of massage therapy with the science of massage therapy.

Please email Sherrin@touchfitness for your initial appointment. I look forward to transporting you.

Please note: Massage therapy, exercise and aromatherapy are not intended as a replacement for appropriate medical attention and care. Touch Fitness reserves the right to refer you to an appropriate professional if our initial conversation reveals an issue beyond the scope of practice of licensed massage therapy.