I was so excited when I took my first class in essential oils! I was literally afraid of fragrance before that because of a history of allergies and asthma! I smelled at least 20 different oils and literally felt better leaving than when I came in. I was more calm, my sinuses had cleared, my head was less fuzzy and I felt grounded and buoyant at the same time. I fell in love. A whole world of safe aromatic possibilities opened up in front of me. (Thank you Evelyn Li, L.Ac for that very first class!) Since then, I’ve taken many classes in aromatherapy, studied the chemical constituents, properties and safe use of essential oils with Robert Tisserand (top educator and leader in the field), gotten my Aromatherapy Certification (CA) from Aromahead Institute and gone on to make many products!

I’ve made over twenty-five massage therapy oil blends, custom diffusion blends, my flagship product Ritual 1, Intention-Based Aromatherapy™ and my entire Root, Branch & Blossom line (originally scouted by a Whole Foods Locals Forager in Edgewater, NJ) now available for purchase online! You can go old school and take a subway to get my Silken Lips, Lip Balm at The Health Nuts store at 2611 Broadway @ 99th St. or check out my product line online at The Attract Essentials Web Store at But I’d love to meet you in person, so please read about my Custom Scent Profiling! service and click the Contact Tab for an appointment! I look forward to sharing the world of natural essential oils aromatherapy with you!