What is Informative Bodywork?

Touch Fitness, Informative Bodywork® is more than just traditional massage therapy. It is a blending of traditional therapeutic massage modalities (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Medical and Sports, Shiatsu, Thai Massage, exercises and stretches etc.) with non-traditional injury rehabilitation modalities such as afforded by; Movement Re-Education Techniques (now called Movement Education, i.e. Ball Therapy as taught by Robin Powell, PhD, New York University (NYU), Feldenkrais -as taught by Kira Charles, NYC and The Alexander Techniques -as taught by The American Center for the Alexander Technique (ACAT), Clarice Marshall, NYU and Hope Martin, NYC), integrating the use of; Tactile Aid and Imagery from Kinesthetics of Anatomy (as taught by Andre Bernard, NYU and re-offered as my Relax Max class at Pure Yoga, NYC), Visualization (the use of descriptive language to form a mental image of something which is an invaluable tool for relieving stress and recruiting the mind to assist change in the body), and Aromatherapy (lovingly formulated and therapeutically blended custom and house massage oils and diffusions made from the highest quality Essential Oils) and blended with principles of excellent bio-mechanics gleaned from the world of Dance and Thai Chi.

PLEASE NOTE: Massage therapy, exercise and aromatherapy are not intended as a replacement for appropriate medical attention and care.