About Sherrin Bernstein, BA, LMT, CA

Sherrin has been licensed in Massage Therapy since 1999 when she was graduated from the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy.  She holds additional licensure in the State of Florida, where she went to The Educating Hands School of Massage. Sherrin is a member of NYSSMMT (The New York State Society of Medical Massage Therapists) where she served on the Board in various capacities, one being Newsletter Editor and NAHA (The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy.)

Sherrin started blending her own massage oils for fragrant and therapeutic properties for her private practice, has since taken many classes in aromatherapy, is a student of Robert Tisserand, and got her CA (Certified Aromatherapist) from the Aromahead Institute. A health, wellness and fitness professional since 1987, her journey began when she was a Dance Major at Tisch School of the Arts and then Gallatin, New York University and was graduated in 1990 with a B.A. in Dance and a minor in the Comparison of Non-Traditional and Traditional Injury Rehabilitation Techniques. Her interest in holistic therapies began while at NYU and in natural safe products while she was growing up due to allergies.

Sherrin continues to add to her knowledge and explore opportunities in massage therapy and aromatherapy. She is the founder of Attract Essentials, Everything You Need to Attract Everything You Want, Ritual 1, Intention-Based Aromatherapy® is her brainchild and the launch product which she crafted to assist individuals in achieving their highest dreams more readily and pleasantly. Sherrin currently runs a private practice in Midtown East, NYC.

NY Massage Lic # 012270-1
FL Massage Lic # MA 47391

For more information please email Sherrin Bernstein, LMT, CA at: Sherrin@TouchFitness.com, copy paste ‘MASSAGE APPOINTMENT INQUIRY’ in to the Subject field for an appointment!


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