I think discount club companies like Rue La La, Gilt and many others popping up all the time now sport a double edged sword. They may be keeping businesses in business right now, but I feel they are eroding the perceived intrinsic value of high quality products, food and services in people’s minds by getting them used to discounts. It’s a two sided coin, it may bring prices down when companies are unwilling to lower their prices for whatever reason, but they are in the end selling more and more of their goods and services at a discounted rate and it brings down value which in the end confuses the young consumers, who will not be able to understand why a high quality product (like a really excellent, effective and relaxing massage therapy session by an experienced, educated and licensed practitioner or a meal by a top notch chef or branding by someone with experience, vision and training) cannot be sold for less than cost plus profit. Don’t get me wrong, I want the spa I work part time at to stay in business, but, I think they cheapen themselves and what I have to offer people by selling our services at a discount. The only ones making the real money are Rue La La, Gilt and the other discount clubs. I think discount clubs are a real hot potato, that’s why when I’m on Facebook, and I see an advert for another discount club, I hit the X and tell them why. I urge you to do the same.