Does the perfume of a flower or the scent of an herb put a picture in one’s mind?

Chemists and aromatherapists have long known that scent can bring about feelings as varied as anticipation, relaxation and even a profound sense of wellbeing. In fact, scientists have determined that because of the way fragrances are processed in the most primal parts of our brain (the limbic system)scent is the sense most closely linked to memory. So connected are the two faculties that aromas have been found to be uniquely effective in conjuring profound physiological responses and deep mental states.

Attract Essentials is committed to creating an empowering systemfor you to use these responses and mental states in realizing your greatest dreams. We are calling it ‘Intention-Based Aroma Therapy’. And though the practice is age old, Attract Essentials has made it our mission to employ the newest research and latest scientific discoveries to formulate complex fragrances with the intention of creating the space of Attraction.

Every product that we create at Attract Essentials integrates both the documented physiological effects and known emotional responses to scents ranging from that of a full jasmine blossom to the peel of a fresh lime. We use these responses to set the stage for your dreams to begin to manifest in the physical. It is our belief that while the things you want might not be found in our list of ingredients, they are at the fingertips of someone who is wholly focused and intentional. This is where Attract Essentials can assist you in creating a world of your own design. If this sounds like hocus-pocus, suffice it to say, that in the powerful mental state you can find yourself in with our products, your desires can start to be met in a magical way. Said in another way, Attract Essentials is…


Everything You Need
To Attract Everything You Want.