If you’re running the New York Marathon, congratulations! I’ll be here for you! Many of you have already secured your Massage Therapy appointments, but if you haven’t, I encourage all my runners to schedule regularly after trainings all the way up until the week after the event for recovery purposes! I tend to book up a week to a month in advance in general and I don’t take walk ins or last minute appointments, so text me now to make an appointment! The New York Marathon can be tough on the body!

Even if you are not actually running a marathon though, many people feel as if they are and very often life can be very much like a marathon. That’s because life is a physical long distance event and the body is the body no matter what activities you do. You have a physical body which you have to deal with even when it’s not feeling great.

Just think of the hours of sitting and standing with gravity compressing your discs, desk and smartphone posture fatiguing your muscles, rounding your neck and back and stiffening your fascia! RSI (repetitive stress injuries) happen, imbalances which lead to strains and new injuries can happen and things layer and soon you just don’t feel as spry as you used to.

Life is like a long duration, low weight load, low impact activity. It’s similar to a marathon, just a little less impact. Many joints; the neck, spine, hips and knees and their associated muscles (the muscles that act on the joint) are stressed. They’ve been asked to perform unnaturally. They have to deal with many of the same mechanical stresses of being vertically aligned and continuously pulled out of ideal alignment by various postural challenges under the force of gravity. And posture is difficult to “hold” on to. You have to balance through it, breathe and be able to move through it and take it with you everywhere you go. How do you do that when you have layers of physical history holding you off center where gravity wreaks havoc with your bio-mechanical ideal functioning?

Luckily there are a plethora of professionals out there who cannot wait to help you! I am one of them. I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist. I am part of your taking care of yourself team. Regular stretching to return your muscles to their normal resting lengths can restore balance around the joints and increase functionality. A yoga instructor, personal trainer or stretching partner could assist you with this. Exercise to maintain balanced muscle mass and regain lost mass, can protect your joints, make you feel stronger and more energetic. A personal trainer, physical therapist or exercise class can work well for this part of your team. Movement Education such as Feldenkrais or the Alexander Technique to boost coordination and agility. I work with Movement Education specialists to provide complimentary therapies. Finally, there is Massage Therapy. I can de-activate Trigger Points, restore ROM (Range of Motion), break through adhesions, transform scar tissue and fascial limitations to re-balance you’re very physical body. There’s much overlap in what I do for you with the other modalities. A skilled massage therapist can help you feel younger, bouncier and freer. Be aware that not all massage therapist are created equal though, some may have good hands, but not have earned their credentials. I have over 20 years of experience, I’m licensed, I maintain my credentials and if you want to know the quality of my work, please follow this link to the testimonials of my younger, bouncier, freer clientelle!