Informative Bodywork is where Science meets Sacred Art.

Massage Therapy as officially defined by the NYS Office of Professions is “…as engaging in applying a scientific system of activity to the muscular structure of the human body by means of stroking, kneading, tapping and vibrating with the hands or vibrators for the purpose of improving muscle tone and circulation.”

I would add that many people feel it is more than “a scientific system of activity to the muscular structure of the human body”. It is therapeutic touch, as in, healthy kindly-intentioned touch. It is inherently therapeutic, bonding, community building and often poignantly conceptually meaningful to people. It is nurturing, healing and beneficial to both the massage artist and the massage recipient on a level that is difficult to explain in clinical terms. It is a licensed art. We go to school for it. We study anatomy & physiology, neurology, pathology, endangerment sites etc. (which is why it’s better to go to a licensed practitioner.) But it is also an intuitive art, as in some people have great hands and some people don’t. Every massage session is a unique expression of that art and everyone benefits from therapeutic healthy touch between consulting adults. It is sacred in a way, a sacred contract between your therapist and you and when you decide to go and receive a massage, truly receive, I feel it is a sacred contract between yourself and you as well. It is poignantly restorative, nourishing, relaxing and supportive and seems to me to do much more than its clinical definition.

Touch Fitness, Informative Bodywork® acknowledges that Massage Therapy is both clinical and sacred. It is based in science and art. It is in fact “a scientific system of activity to the muscular structure of the human body” that has clinical applications such as in Medical and Sports Massage, but also one of the essential art forms of humanity. I am often asked whether I still dance and I say yes. Because I dance with you. That’s because I feel that every massage is a duet and the best massages I have given are a dance of artfully choreographed manual therapy techniques that change with your needs, literally as I listen with my hands and feel what you need and what you are learning from the work, in real time. Informative Bodywork is where science meets sacred art.

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