Flip Flop Foot is a groundbreaking new area of Pedestrian Massage Therapy that I have noticed every summer since the beginning of my career as a Massage Therapist. I am officially coining the terms “Flip Flop Foot” and “Pedestrian Massage Therapy”, so if you hear the terms on tv or see them in a medical journal in a year from now, you’ll know where they came from. Flip Flop Foot feels a bit like shin splints, the foot and lower leg muscles get unexpected amounts of workout from preventing the flip flops from going flying. Suggestions, snugger fitting flippies, Massage Therapy to muscles of the thighs, lower legs and feet, ice baths (cryotherapy) to flush excess healing materials out of the area so fresh blood can get in, stretching and alternate your foot wear more often (it’s like cross training).