The Comtesse Suzanne de Paris
By Sherrin Bernstein
November 21, 2009

Today I had the pleasure of spending time with the Comtesse Suzanne de Paris, World Renowned Cosmetologist and Aesthetician, for an anti-aging skin treatment which she invited me to at her office of 35 years located at 509 Madison at 53rd Street, Suite 1714, NYC and meeting her lovely daughter Brenda and 7 month old granddaughter Ava, who joyfully clapped her hands, gurgled for laughs and smiled all the time.

Upon entering, I was received comfortably, generously and graciously into another world. Everywhere I looked there were photos of the Comtesse Suzanne with all the greats through the years: heads of state, their friends and family and celebrities. I witnessed the positive effects of Comtesse Suzanne’s treatments in these photos through the years and on herself as she stood in person, in front of me, as beautiful as ever. I spent 45minutes with her as she generously applied her own nourishing and softening, hydrating botanicals filled with lipids, proteins and antioxidants. She also educated me by teaching me how to stroke upwards when I wipe cleaning creams from my face (so as not to stretch the skin downward which increases the effects of gravity) and how to stroke about the eye with it’s very delicate skin (one strokes from the temple under the eye to the nose and continues the stroke on the top lid from inner canthus of the eye back out to the temple). When I got up, I noticed when I spoke and smiled, my face literally felt different, softer, supple, and more flexible. When I looked in the mirror, my face looked different, softer, fuller, and younger.

But this was not what was most impressive. What was most impressive was the Comtesse Suzanne de Paris’ smile when I told her what good energy there was in her office (and I know, I’ve been around). She said: “you can feel it?” I said: “yes”. But you go and have an appointment with her and see for yourself. This is a beautiful, talented, educated, successful and happy woman, and so, from the top down, from mother to daughter to granddaughter they are filled with joy and ease. So, it is with joy and great respect that I write about her. This woman of title, stature and an incredible history, who does not rest on her laurels, nor her title, is an inspiration for all of us. May she continue to pass her joy on and bless us all with her and her fabulous treatments for many years to come.