For my inspiration I have only to go to the beach and smell the salty briny yummy moist fresh air to be reminded how we often modify or shut down our senses to survive, especially in the city where my clients battle for breath. The beauty of the ocean is a cause for celebration and picture taking. A beautiful beach automatically makes me want to take pictures or paint it. That’s expression right there. Everyone expresses naturally before they start putting conditions on expressing themselves. It’s natural, it’s a social condition that we limit our expression to fit in, along with that can come limiting our breath. That’s why I love smells, the smell of the ocean, the smell of my massage oil blends and especially, the smell of Ritual 1, my aromatherapy. I’ve had people say such wonderful things about the fragrance. I am sure they are getting from it what I get from it and the joy I get from the ocean. The fragrance inspires me to breathe deeply again. My clients inspire me to keep working on the business.