These days, I’m finding myself benefitting even more from using my daily morning maxim, Body, Beauty, Bakin’ and Shakin’ which helps me structure my day. For me, it’s simple, easy to remember and has a playfulness that allows life to be enjoyable while at the same time lending flexibility of meaning. It has enough structure to rope me into taking care of a decent range and amount of daily tasks that I actually want to perform, such as exercising, while freeing me from the concept of tasks being tedious. I’ll explain a little further. 

Body refers to anything related to taking care of the body from exercising regularly, to eating well, to keeping a clean home, to changing the air conditioner filter, to massaging my feet with my luscious Siken Foot Balm. Whatever activities we choose are valid, but Body reminds me to take the time out to do them, otherwise I might be in my pajamas at my computer all day.

Beauty could mean anything from grooming, to dressing for success, to giving myself a facial. It can mean choosing to wear earrings, when I have no occasion to or buying another gorgeous, one of a kind, hand stitched Bernadette Korver pouch for my iPhone so I can feel festive when I’m talking to my friends while doing things around the house. Again, whatever Beauty means to you is valid.

Bakin’ refers to “bringing home the bacon” (an idiom meaning making money or working), but, by extension, taking care of myself, doing what I do to the best of my ability and acknowledging myself for it. It can also refer to baking (since I spell it with a “k”) and so, by extension, planning meals, grocery shopping, cooking, eating and nourishing myself (and Dave). It can mean doing anything that feeds me from growing herbs and vegetables, to setting my intention for the day with Ritual 1, but also, Bakin’ can refer to the incubation of ideas and the laying down of the foundation for your future self or online business, listening to a TED Talk or taking a class toward those ends.

Shakin’ is about enjoying life, celebrating the gift of being alive and loving yourself, your life and the people you choose to have around you. It also loosely refers to shaking things up, shaking things off that don’t serve you, stepping out of your comfort zone, or, most literally, dancing. We are community based animals and we need each other to stay happy and healthy minded, so Shakin’ can also refer to participating in any activity that gets you to a place where you are feeling better, such as sharing a burden with a friend, counselor or life partner, having a virtual drink with friends or reaching out to an elderly neighbor. 

So, the four words can be used creatively in any way you see appropriate. I’ve jotted down five of my own personal items for each Body, Beauty, Bakin’ & Shakin’ category below. Please feel free to borrow any and share this post with anyone you think might enjoy it.

On the “Body” part of my list:
Acupuncture to boost my immune system 
Eat nutrient dense foods 
Drink 1 liter of water per day
Tai Chi, Inline Skating, or Yoga daily
Clean the air filters monthly

On the “Beauty” part of my list:
Take care of my hair
Always earrings 
Choose a “uniform” for making music
Monthly facials
Use sunblock and/or visor daily 

On the “Bakin'” part of my list:
Post my new Self Massage Videos
Monthly newsletters
Create a new product
Journal/Write one new song per week 
File a pile 

“Shakin” part of my list:
Morning coffee on the porch with Dave
Music practise sessions with Dave
Weekly Artists Dates
Cook a new dish for Dave

As you can see the list can be fun and drilled down as much as you want, but, I find if I keep it light with my – Body, Beauty, Bakin’ and Shakin’- umbrella saying, my subconscious fills in the details. The challenge, once you start, is to put them into effect. Here’s where making appointments comes in. 

I find that for me, making appointments with other people is one of the most effective devices for getting things done that I want to do, but never seem to have time for. For example, if I have a day and specific time planned to go skating with Dave while he’s bicycling, I am usually more successful at actually going than if I don’t have a date and time set up with him and on Tuesday and Saturday mornings I have it scheduled into my calendar to attend virtual Tai Ji with Chad Bailey ( Not only this, but I usually find that having that appointment easily jettisons me into spending more time with that pursuit post appointment. For example, on Saturdays at 11am, I have a virtual guitar lesson with Kyle Green ( and I find myself working on my music much more right after the appointment than I would at all any other day. Making virtual appointments have been instrumental in feeding my artistic well, as well. On Wednesdays at 7pm for example, I have started attending Art Talks with Professor Val Franco ( as a way of keeping my weekly Artist Dates with myself. 

These are the types of appointments which are important to me. They give me energy and perspective, keep me in shape, feed my creativity and keep me going as the fearless beacon to others that I would like to be to people. I encourage you to pick your goals and do the same and take advantage of who you know! So, if you want to declutter, schedule a virtual session with a professional organizer. If you want to examine or make changes in your life, schedule a session with a life or career coach. Think about what’s important and energizing to you and make a list of professionals, acquaintances, friends, and family who can assist and start calling them to set up “get things done” appointments. Be sure to pace yourself, getting enough rest is a part of taking care of ourselves and refrain from beating yourself up if you don’t always do what you had wanted to. Stay in integrity by acknowledging it and resolving to address it again at a later date. After all, tomorrow’s another day.

In support of our highest, healthiest selves,