How would it feel to deepen your breathing, ground yourself, and live day to day stress free? Do you think this could help you to live more comfortably in your own body? Massage is a universal and therapeutic system of touch that every body can benefit from. It is nourishing, relaxing, meditative, and supportive. There are as many different massage therapy systems. TouchFitness, Informative Bodywork artfully combines techniques from different systems and offers a variety of massage therapy and other bodywork strokes and stretches to best assist your body’s own healing abilities. Some techniques will use oil or cream, while others consist of rhythmic pressure on points along invisible pathways of energy, called meridians. In addition, TouchFitness uses only the highest grade massage oils and creams to ensure an effective therapeutic experience and therapeutic grade essential oils to ensure that you are transported into the most wonderfully fragrant massage zone where you feel totally taken care of and blissed out. TouchFitness creates custom massage oil blends for you, chooses special bolsters for your comfort and creates a custom iTunes playlist for you at your request. You can look forward to feeling taken care of, more abundant energy, improved focus and greater physical ease. 


What types of massage does TouchFitness offer? • Swedish • Deep Tissue • Sports • Prenatal/PostNatal • Thai • Shiatsu • Table Stretch • Essential Oil/Aromatherapy • Chair

What makes TouchFitness Massage Different? • Experienced/Licensed/Practiced • Asks for and Listens to your needs • Provides a variety of bolsters and blankets for your comfort • A/C and space heater for your comfort • Extra training in Prenatal/PostNatal • Creates iTunes Playlists just for you • Sees what you need • Checks in with what you are feeling • Blends special aromatherapy oils and diffusions for your particular needs • All natural products used (no synthetic chemicals, no questionably safe ingredients) • All natural soaps in the bathroom • All natural laundry detergent and softener used on the linens • Therapeutic grade massage oils, essential oils and creams • Private • Cozy, clean and comfortable environment • Convenient location