TouchFitness, Informative Bodywork is a company in NYC and South Beach that provides massage therapy, wellness consulting and personal training. 

“Touch stands for getting in touch with the body. There is simply nothing that brings you back to your body like being touched. It also stands for the use of touch as an educational tool and the healing touch of massage therapy.”

“I use touch to deepen and re-route breathing, to increase awareness of muscle tension and to communicate alignment and postural concepts. This helps you feel better and reduces their risk of injury.”

“Fitness is not about measuring up, catching up, nor keeping up. It’s about listening to your body every day and learning to understand what the body’s telling you. To do this you have to slow down, breath and turn your attention inside; learn the language of the body. TouchFitness helps you do all this.

“Fitness refers to learning while moving. Without moving and applying what you’ve learned to movement, being in touch with the body is just a concept. I use elements of many different physical disciplines, as needed, to keep clients learning while moving. Learning while doing allows you to use and understand the new physical information communicated through touch right away. It‘s empowering, informative, exciting and leads to safer, more effective and satisfying workouts. “

So start now, make an appointment now and take that joyful leap into feeling better and having the energy to get what you want and deserve out of life! Remember intention is everything, however, action comes before motivation!

I look forward to seeing you!