Sherrin’s Do-It Yourself Herbal or Spice Salt Baths 

Making your own herbal or spice salt bath can be easy, creative and inexpensive; in fact you probably have items you can use that already in your kitchen.
Sherrin’s recipe:
• 1 cup Pink Himalayan Salts
• Tea (loose or in bags) or kitchen spices
• Bath water

1. You can purchase Pink Himalayan Salts. Add to warm bath water, mix till dissolved. 
2. Boil 1 cup of water in the kitchen while the salt is dissolving. 
3. Add:
a. Your choice of herbal teabags, cover and steep 10 minutes. Ie. Chamomile (relaxing), lavender (antispasmodic), crushed peppermint leaves (cooling, analgesic). 
b. Half teaspoon of lightly crushed juniper berries (analgesic). 
c. Your choice of a 1/4teaspoon of Sage (sedative), Rosemary (analgesic) and/or Sweet Marjoram (uplifting).
4. Simply pour the steeped concoction right into your bath water and enjoy your soak. Temperature test first please.
You can buy Pink Himalayan Salt from Susan at the 14th St, NYC at the Green Market W, F, Sat or her website at:

You can buy loose herbs from Flower Power or Penny’s Herb Co. in Manhattan: