I use many images personally which I share and adapt to my clients’ needs. Images help you soften the body, be able to feel things and encourage change inside. One of my favorite image is to imagine you are a stick of melting butter.

Do you want to try it? Ok, here’s what you do. Close the door, turn off your ringer, mute the tv, put your cell phone on silent, get comfortable, close your eyes and imagine you are a stick of butter melting in the sun. Give it time and breathe deeply. If your mind wanders, bring it back to the image and breathe deeply. Feel your muscles melting and the tension disappearing.

I also find it helps me very much to combine aromatherapy with visualization to create very noticeable immediate changes. I actually use my own product Ritual 1- the first ever Intention-Based Essential Oil Therapy. It’s very empowering because it puts you in charge and it combines the power of the oils with the power of your mind. You can see it at: http://www.new.facebook.com/marketplace/listing.php?classified_id=23789222142&ref=share. The new website www.attractessentials.com will offer it and is coming soon.

Whenever I feel anything negative, I close my eyes, envision myself inhaling the energy of the universe and filling my body with white healing light. I inhale a spritz of my Ritual 1 (ready in my bag). I breathe deeply and I feel better instantly; seriously, my whole body softens and I can create huge mood shifts easily! 

You don’t have to use my product though, you can use whatever fragrance works for you. A pleasant familiar smell is very powerful and repeating a visualization makes you better at it effortlessly. So visualize, inhale and wait for the magic to happen. 

Sending you positive healing cybervibes.