Thank you Angela, for your wonderful idea to write about how to physically deal with the ever changing technology. There’s a lot of humor in it actually, the cell phones getting so small that only people 3′ and under can actually even hold them between their ear and shoulder. People in there 20s don’t have the neck problems from this because they didn’t grow up being able to hold the phone this way in the first place, so they automatically text, bluetooth, speakerphone and facebook to communicate instead. At any rate, there are several things you can do:


  • Get a headset or a blue tooth
  • use your speakerphone option
  • speak to people in person instead
  • use iChat, skype or IM
  • stretch the head to the other side too
  • get a massage
Why get a massage?
People don’t realize this, but the brain is very clever, no humor intended. When the body is experiencing something uncomfortable for long enough, it shuts off the pain signals so that we can function on a day to day basis. We don’t even know we are hurting ourselves or are holding tension after a while because of this. What’s more, we imprint physically harmful and injury compensating physical habits very well (it’s how we learned to walk) into our neuromuscular behavioral patterns (movement patterns) and that’s when it get’s complex (difficult to self correct). What’s more, you can take those clever incorrect safety patterns right into yoga, core fusion and pole dancing class with you! Regular massage therapy can give the body the chance to heal itself by helping to release muscle tension and relieve protective holding patterns, spasms and adhesions. This increases the blood flow, which in turn speeds up healing and frees up movement making you feel less stiff. To continue on the path to changing, freeing, correcting and improving your movement patterns, see a Feldenkrais Teacher, an Alexander Technique Practitioner or someone else who does what’s called Movement Re-education. It’s a very informative, relaxing and effective genre of bodywork. 
Thanks for reading!