Are Cell Phones a Pain in the Neck?

the cell phones getting so small that only people 3′ and under can actually even hold them between their ear and shoulder… At any rate, there are several things you can do:

Get a headset or a blue tooth
use your speakerphone option
speak to people in person instead
use iChat, skype or IM
stretch the head to the other side too
get a massage
Why get a massage?
People don’t realize this, but the brain is very clever, no humor intended. When the body is experiencing something uncomfortable for long enough, it shuts off the pain signals so that we can function on a day to day basis. We don’t even know we are hurting ourselves or are holding tension after a while because of this. What’s more, we imprint physically harmful and injury compensating physical habits very well (it’s how we learned to walk) into our neuromuscular behavioral patterns (movement patterns) and that’s when it get’s complex (difficult to self correct). What’s more, you can take those clever incorrect safety patterns right into yoga, core fusion and pole dancing class with you! Regular massage therapy can give the body the chance to heal itself by helping to release muscle tension and relieve protective holding patterns, spasms and adhesions…

Creative Visualization for Good Spirits

Images help you soften the body, be able to feel things and encourage change inside. One of my favorite image is to imagine you are a stick of melting butter.

Do you want to try it? Ok, here’s what you do. Close the door, turn off your ringer, mute the tv, put your cell phone on silent, get comfortable, close your eyes and imagine you are a stick of butter melting in the sun. Give it time and breathe deeply. If your mind wanders, bring it back to the image and breathe deeply. Feel your muscles melting and the tension disappearing.

I also find it helps me very much to combine aromatherapy with visualization to create very noticeable immediate changes…

About Sherrin

Touch Fitness, Informative Bodywork- Massage Therapy, Wellness Consulting & Personal Training, provides high quality, results oriented, informative bodywork. Sherrin sets herself apart as a massage therapist and trainer with her dancer’s eye and ability to listen and communicate with her hands…

Revisit Your Thoughts

How do I do this? How do I move on? The first step is awareness… Think back, what thought stopped you? Let’s say it was the thought I provided; “I’m too fat to go to the gym; I have to lose weight first.” How can this sentence be altered into a positively constructed statement that serves you and your goals better? Let’s try “I am going to the gym now to feel better.”

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What is Ritual 1?
Ritual 1 is intention-based essential oil therapy. Visualize, inhale, energize and attract.

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What is TouchFitness Massage?

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